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What is the main difference between Presa TC40W and Presa TC100W?

Presa TC100W
Presa TC40W

As its name implies, the Presa TC100W is a more advanced mod than Presa TC40W. The new Presa TC100W can support the 100 watts maximum output and also optional modes( VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS316/TCR modes). Then what's the main difference you can notice obviously. In the aspect of functions, Presa TC100W supports more working modes, especially the added TCR mode. A big difference is the adoption of brand-new display interface on Presa TC100W, a clear and convenient view of vaping information in a vertical direction not  in a horizontal view on Presa TC40W. Another one is the regulatory button, which is placed on the bottom, above the micro USB port. On the Presa TC40W, you can clearly notice the regulatory buttons are on the two sides. Besides these differences, this stuff still inherits the advantages of Presa Series, with ergonomically sculpted fire button, stainless steel thread and spring connector, and bottom ventilation holes. Get a Wismec Presa TC100W Box Mod to enjoy the distinctive vaping experience these differences bring.

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