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The reviews of Eleaf iStick 20w battery

I received my Eleaf iStick and so far it has been amazing.This thing is unbelievably small.
Eleaf iStick 20W Full Kit

What's in the eleaf istick packing box?

one eleaf istick mod device
a 510 to ego adapter
a Instruction manual
a AC-USB adapter
a USB cable

When i opened the box, I exclaimed "Oh my god!" because this mod is so small. I should note that there is a removable plastic film on the screen to keep it from being scratched. No picture will ever do it justice. So far it has had great battery life and produces what feels like a true wattage output to what is displayed when directly compared to my Opus D DNA 20 device at the same wattage. The build quality is nice, it has the same MVP aluminum style finish with polished chrome top and bottom.The buttons has a bit of rattle when shaking the device, that is not a problem to me. The buttons fit in their positions nicely and have a nice tactile feel, and they are high quality buttons. The screen is nice and a comfortable brightness. The 510 is not spring loaded or adjustable, however all of my devices fit well on there and have maybe only a .5mm gap. Not a problem for me. The ergonomics are great and it fits right in your hand when thumb-firing and index finer-firing.


The 510 connection is too far to the edge of the device, all of your 22mm devices will hang off the edge by about 3mm.
The charge port is on the bottom of the device so you cannot stand the device up to charge and must lay it down.
Eleaf iStick 20W
It does not come with a micro USB charge cord, however I have like 10 of them around the house.

How the screen displays the puff length in seconds when firing is a bit silly, but i don't notice it since I don't look at the screen when vaping. It just seems like something they didn't need to add.

Scrolling up and down on wattage is strange, you can go in .1 increments which is slow, or if you press and hold it then let go it will start auto-scrolling. Press up or down to stop the wattage. When auto-scrolling, press up one more time and it will auto-scroll in .2 increments. Press up again and it will scroll in .5 increments. Weird, but I don't change wattage often.

The whole is very good, I like it very much!

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