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Main Features Of Xcube2

SMOK dedicates to create new vaping experiences for customers. A focus on product design with more vapor, endurance, safety, and taste to ensure an elegant vaping experience is our goal.
The main featuers of X CUBE 2 are as follows:

1. 160W Maximum Output A Must Buy
X CUBE 2 provides 160W maximum output and a longer battery life, which means you will replace batteries less often. It has 16 wattage memory modes, in time to meet your different demands.
160W Maximum Output

2.Shining like a rainbow in your hand, it will put you in the spotlight
X CUBE 2 with customizable LED, is more bright and beautiful. It can potentially illuminate in up to 16 million colors based on three basic red, green and blue, which color do you like? When it's shining like a rainbow in your hand, you will draw everyone's attention.
Shining like a rainbow in your hand

3.Temperature control,you deserve to have
with Ni200 alloy atomizer, the SMOK temperature control mod can be adjusted between 200℉ and 600℉(100℃ and 315℃),which can avoid dry-burning,produce smooth airflow and better taste,thus bring you an excellent vaping experience.

4.Magnet-held Battery Cover, You don't need screwdriver anymore
The battery cover is held securely in place with magnets, you can simply slide it off and replace the 18650 batteries without tools.
Magnet-held Battery Cover

5.Safety Protection, Reliable Performance
12 seconds cutoff:this mod will automatically shut down the output when the power button is held for longer than 12 seconds
Short Circuit/Low Resistance Protection:when short circuit occurs or the resistance is too low, the mod will automatically power off.
Overheat Protection: When the temperature inside the mod is overheating, the screen will display"COOL DOWN",Then please stop vaping for a while.
Low-Battery Warning:when the voltage is lower than 6.4V, the screen will display "LOW BATTERY".Please Stop Vaping and replace the battery.

You just only wait for one week more, then you can buy X CUBE II Night Black ,Don't Miss it .

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