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Finally I Got What I Was Looking For !

I ordered an Eleaf iStick 100 watt just in time. Looking at the description it is out of stock. Since I'm still waiting for my shipment, I really can't display my opinion about it. I currently have the Eleaf 20 Watt istick and man, I have to say it does not work with the resistance of the coils I'm looking forward to vape with. This is reason why I purchased this 100 Watt mod which says it can handle 0.15 resistance. That's what I really need. Coils I've been setting up are requiring the least of 0.4 resistance. I have wire that is 24 gage and can't use it because the 20 Watt iStick can't handle it. I have to use 28 gage. I'll be following up when I finally get this 100 watt istick just ordered. Can't wait. For now Say it sounds Excellent.
Eleaf iStick 100w

These are my personal experiences,if you want to know more about this box mod , you can visit on the official authorized website http://www.istick.org/istick-100w.html

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