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Before: 137
After: 120
The Lifestyle
I was never overweight to the point that I was considered unhealthy, but I didn't feel comfortable in my skin—especially after I ate. I constantly felt bloated and uncomfortable.

After every meal, I felt tired and had sharp stomach pains. Even something as little as a piece of toast would make me feel like there was a balloon in my stomach. Toward the end of my junior year of high school, I started to put on weight—it was especially noticeable by my prom.

I just think that this was how life was going to be. I thought my only option for losing weight and feeling better about my body was exercising, so I sporadically went to the gym with my friends to run on the treadmill and do an abs workout. I hated exercising, though, and didn't see much of a difference.

By freshman year of college, I weighed 137 pounds, and I continued to work out but still didn't notice a change. I started to suspect that I had food allergies because I felt especially gross whenever I ate sandwiches, pizza, cantaloupe, kiwis, tortilla chips, or corn. During my sophomore year of college, I went to the doctor and found out that I had Celiac disease and am allergic to tree nuts and fruits that carry high levels of pollen.

After that appointment, I began avoiding most of those foods—but I had a really hard time totally putting the kibosh on gluten. I would be really good about not eating it when I made my own meals, but if I went to a party where there was pizza or cake, I would have a slice, and it would make me feel terrible. I learned that my body couldn't handle any amount of things I was allergic to—even just a small bit.

At the end of my junior year of college, I was so sick of feeling horrible all the time. I realized I needed to be more cautious about everything I was eating. That's when I came across the Daidaihua Afterward, my nutritionist would check out my choices and give me feedback based on my goals to lose weight and eat according to my food allergies.

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