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About sunflower, there was a beautiful Greek myths and legends.Lu to eritrea (Clytie) is a goddess of the sea.She was the sun god helios (Helius) lover, but then helios and princess fall in love with Persian (Persia) ryukyu certo eritrea (Leucothoe).The gram lu of jealousy of eritrea to the king of Persia and ear card moss (Orchamus) reported ryukyu certo eritrea's relationship with helios.Russia's ear card moss ordered the infidelity daughter alive.Helios after that, completely cut off with gram lu to urban.Spoony gram lu eritrea for days don't eat not to drink, staring at the helios CheDongSheng driving the sun west fall, pined and eventually turned into a strain of the sunflower (sunflower)

legend has that the ssecond .Keli tai is a water fairy.One day, she met in the woods hunting is the sun god Apollo, she deeply fascinated by the handsome god, madly in love with him.Apollo, however, doesn't even look at her a really went away.Keli tai eagerly look forward to one day Apollo can talk to her, but she never met him.So she can only every day to look at the sky, at the Apollo drove resplendent and magnificent, the car across the sky.She stared intently Apollo trip, until he went down the mountain.Every day, every day, she just sat there, messy hair, gaunt.A to sunrise, she then hope to the sun.Later, the gods have mercy on her, turned her into a large golden sunflower.Her face became a faceplate, always towards the sun, daily follow him, Apollo, telling him that she forever love and affection.Therefore, the sunflower is says: love of silence.

Eleaf iSTICK Sticker
The Sunflowers skin design for your Eleaf iStick is the perfect image to give your device that unique look and style.I bought one for my iStick by Eleaf ,I like it very much!

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