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Learn how to happiness

Please try to make youself fell happiniss, no matter how busy you are ! one study points out that about 50% of the happiness of people from the gene, 40% come from the environment and self choice.
 Occasionally a daydream
Hand chin, casually looked at the ceiling, faint smile on his face, people often immersed in the fantasy as symbols of procrastination and laziness.Actually, daydreaming for brain is not a simple task, not only to the use of logical thinking and problem solving, also opened a button to relax and introspection, and creativity.So, might as well give yourself some quiet time, think about beauty, feel the happiness, at the same time, also gave some brain power and vitality.
Do leave some mystery
Her boyfriend suddenly no reason to send you a gift, and get a birthday gift, which will make you happy more durable?Virginia psychologists found that help us to answer the question: $1 to the student, for no apparent reason and reward for good performance for a $1, the former's happy time longer.When we know a lot about one thing happened, the brain of the machining process was basically completed, we will seal it up and put it aside, and leave some mystery, our interest will continue.
 Looking forward to surprise
If you all day, looking forward to the lottery, hoping to change the present situation of the life, and happiness, so, this little chance will make themselves even more depressed.Everyone has a right to expect and be happy, but this kind of hope can start from the minor matter.Unrealistic attitude will only make people in the back to reality, the more lost and inferiority.So, are more likely to gain happiness in life, to read a good book, do you like sports, to work a little achievement, a small change to household, let parents happy, or have a kind of belief, can let you gain strength and inner satisfaction.
Spend more money to do things, with less shopping
Spend a little money go out to travel or do other activities, can increase the experience of myself, at the same time to obtain satisfaction;And is keen on the pursuit, although also can get a moment of pleasure, but is often want more.New smart phones, for example, to let you down, or to spend money to buy again, to meet, or to lower their expectations, keep psychological gap.An experience will not produce this kind of consequences, even a little frustrated, return overdo to see, often there will be unexpected gains.Mountain outing, for example, unfortunately it rains, take it as a challenge ourselves, exercise the will of the adventure.

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